"Quality. knowledge.
Tradition. Innovation.

These are the values that have made Lucano one of the most important companies on the spirits market in Italy for more than one hundred years. There is a story of passion and authenticity in Cavalier Pasquale Vena’s secret recipe”

In the back of his biscuit factory in Pisticci, Cavalier Pasquale Vena created a mixture of herbs with a balanced, consistent flavour, with citrus and floral notes. This is how Amaro Lucano was born.

Some years later, the incredible success of this discovery earned this exquisite liqueur a reputation that reached beyond the borders of Pisticci and Lucania, appreciated throughout the Italian peninsula, reaching the refined palates of the Royal House of Savoy, to whom the Vena family become the official suppliers.

Unfortunately, the lucky period came to an end with the beginning of the Second World War, which interrupted production due to shortages of the raw materials needed. Despite this, the rise of the liqueur continued.

After the second half of 1950s, thanks to the work and dedication of Leonardo and Giuseppe Vena, sons of the company’s founder, the artisan laboratory grew and became a true industrial factory.

Production surged, climbing to 3.000 bottles of Amaro per year.

1960s and 1970s
In 1965, the company moved from the historic Pisticci location, among Luan hills, to Pisticci Scalo, where a new plant was built. In the same year, the production increased again and reached 117.000 litres.

Since the second half of 1960s sales have grown rapidly.
The foresight of the Vena brothers in investing in big national publicity campaigns added to the fame of Amaro Lucano. It was no longer a local product, but a global phenomenon.

In the 1970s, this growth led the company to create other products alongside Amaro Lucano, such as Sambuca, Limoncello and Caffè.

1980s and 1990s
In the 1980s, due to a popular advertising campaign, mostly on television, the unique Amaro Lucano brand strengthened its hold over Italy. In this period, the immortal catchphrase that would represent Amaro Lucano across the globe was born: “What else do you want from life? A Lucano!”

The company continued to grow, always faithful to its high quality standards, now branching out to new markets.

The passion has been passed on, generation to generation and now Pasquale Vena, grandson of the founder, his wife Rosistella and their children Leonardo, Francesco and Letizia, work with the same determination and drive that has always been the key to the success of Amaro Lucano.

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