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L as Lucania
"A mixture of sights, colours, perfumes and tastes that offer a unique atmosphere.
 The appeal of this land lies in the possibility

of adventure, of the discovery of its rich history, and the closeness with the dazzling natural beauty of its landscape.”


Pisticci sits between the hills and the Ionian Sea, and together with its extraordinary art and culture heritage, its rich soil blossoms with medicinal herbs. From here both the Vena family, and the unique flavour of Amaro Lucano, trace their roots.

The city of Matera, a city famous the world over for the Rione Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not far away.
Here, the history of man blends with nature. Its evocative landscape has inspired many great directors and works of art, including: “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” by Pasolini, “The Passion” by Gibson, “Nativity” by Hardwicke and, the most anticipated movie of 2015, “Ben Hur” by Bekmambetov.
In 2019 Matera will be the artistic Italian flagship, as it has been named European Capital of Culture, a great opportunity to show its beauty!

What happened back in 1894?
Have you celebrated your 18th year?
How is it gone?
Are you legal drinking age in ypur country?