Let us exalt, at long last Amaro Lucano is ready!

As is well known, one might extract a Lucanian from Lucania, but never Lucania from a Lucanian. By virtue of this actuality, I have long fostered in my heart the most acute longing: to amalgamate the flavours and aromas of Pisticcio in one blended concoction of herb, as the noble art of herbology has always been my delighting passion.

Never would I be faint-of-heart in the face of progress or innovation. Thus, I do extol the virtues of my secret blend, both here and across the many folios of the internet.
I lament: why should it be christened the World Wide Web? Would an Italian title not be more elegant? As it is just that – elegant - to come together as companions with a drink of something sublime. A drink such as my Lucano!

It is my fervent wish to entice you, and, indeed, that Lucano might become the most beloved bitters in all the world.
It would bring me immense pleasure to disclose to all the recipe of my Amaro Lucano, but truly I cannot, I could not, certainly not! I have sworn an oath of the utmost solemnity, that this recipe be biquethed from father to son, as is fitting for the most precious inheritances.

What of this marvellous bitters am I permitted to reveal? Allow me to divulge: it contains the essence of more than 30 herbs, a symphony of flavours to which its unique taste - both delicately balanced and invigorating - can be attributed. In this blend you should detect, provided that you possess the full use and benefit of your nose and palate of course, floral notes, a whisper of citrus...among others...I cannot bring myself to disclose anything further!

The recipe resides solely within my mind, where it shall remain. I boast already a remarkable amount of memory - at least a terabyte in my estimation! There is not one word to be found of my recipe in any scroll or manuscript, no Instagram oeuvre can broadcast its secrets - a fact that all food bloggers shall have to swallow! But fret not, foodies and friends, you need not attain the arcane in order to savour the flavour.
A land of such bountiful and astonishing natural beauty is #Lucania! I emply this hashtag, as I have been instructed to be modern. But I digress! Let us return to our rumination on dear Lucania, where throughout the lush woodlands and hills one can find the most refined herbs growing, and throughout the cities, the most impressive blossoms of art and culture flower. Only a land of such variety and effervescence could have sired a bitters so sublime.

Envision that for years I laboured tirelessly to mix, mash and press enumerable combinations of herbs, all in the hopes of shaking - this is the fashionable language in Milan, I am told! - in one pure nectar, all the perfumes, the colours and the tastes of my beloved homeland.
With no further delay or impediment: if you seek to know more about these marvellous lands there is no better way to do so than to wind up your steam-powered engine-carriage, and drink in the sights to which I pay tribute with your own eyes.
The location of the studio can be found among the annals of the vast topographic digital archive I believe to be known as The Great Maps of Google. Wonder, as I wonder, at the incredible incidence - that this Street bares the same name as that bestowed upon me.

But fear not! If you are of a lazy and indolent countenance, you can nevertheless savour the exquisite essence of Lucania, in my Amaro Lucano!

A Bitters to Expose

It has reached my ears (well in advance I would note), that for during the much-anticipated world fair, The Exposition Universelle of Paris in 1900, a tower of monumental proportion and exquisite design will be unveiled. I often entertain the fanciful notion that one day, the divine flavour of my Amaro Lucano might inspire the same recognition!

#partyhard @TenutaVena

To celebrate my Amaro Lucano I held a banquet – no! Not a banquet, a ball rather! What am I saying? A veritable blowout throughout my estate! Curious? Come, gaze upon the animated pictures captured by the paparazzi that convened to witness the revelry.

Lucano and Champagne, why not?

Just the other day, I was savouring my Amaro Lucano, when lo! A drop of Champagne slipped into my glass! Hark - I have tasted the resulting beverage, and by all the stars above, it was truly delectable! Might I have accidentally anticipated the trend of Amaro Lucano cocktails? This, only the passage of time can ascertain.
And now, with my most sincere benediction I take my leave
to dispatch a tweet to the Savoy royal family!

Pisticci, 1894


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